Fantasy Baseball Writing Jobs

Interested in Writing Articles for Hawk Fantasy Sports?
With the 2012 fantasy baseball season around the corner, we are looking for a few writers and contributors to join our blog here at Hawk Fantasy Sports.
Writers will have the opportunity to provide articles and fantasy baseball information on topics of their choice. Articles can be provided on an ongoing basis, with no minimum or maximum amount of articles needed each week. This is a very flexible position, as writers will have control over their writing schedules. Great opportunity for college students looking to gain some writing experience, or for any fantasy sports fanatic who knows the ins and outs of the fantasy sports world.
If you are interested in writing for our blog, just post a reply below or send an email to me at:
Hawk Michaels

13 thoughts on “Fantasy Baseball Writing Jobs

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  2. Hello my name is David P I’m a fantasy sport fanatic. I’ve been playing fantasy sports since 2005. I play basketball, football, and baseball in a private and public for money and for fun. I’ve won many championships. Baseball is my favorite sport and I would love to be given the chance to write about it. I’m a fantasy player that actually watch the games I find that by watching the game I can evaluate players better. So I would love for a chance to work for your company.


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  4. I’m interested in writing some articles for you. I have written for numerous blogs and am extremely interested in fantasy sports.

    Daniel Benjamin


  5. I am interested in Writing for your website. I am a senior in high school, and I write for a sports website’s weekly sports blog. I have an excellent writing ability. I hope to hear back from you about the blog.


  6. Many fantasy baseball players like to come up with their own little tricks to winning at a high percentage rate, making them the idol of their clique, and sometimes the wealthiest. Some will bank on fourth-year players who could post the breakout-season numbers across the board for them, and others find superstition in basic hunch, others will count on team association. Regardless of the way a person can win year after year, one thing they all have in common is a trick to winning. One trick I’ve had success with, and the fantasy world preaches it but doesn’t enforce it’s true gospel with come to Jesus talks and verbal lashings, is the immortal drafting of the quality second baseman.

    The second base slot is on your roster and must be filled with a player that can produce. When you’re fighting with teams who have high production value, they can fill in the outfielder positions just as quickly as you can and you wind up looking for second basemen on streaks or just leaving in a guy who hovers in the 200 to 300 rank range. Where do you make up the gap in the second base differential between you and a team with a Robinson Cano, Chase Utley, Ian Kinsler, Brandon Phillips or Rickie Weeks type player? There are a couple other second basemen who are arguably as good as those mentioned but then that’s about it. Six or seven baseballers who get it done at second base form the choices for you league that could encompass 12 to 16 teams.

    Many sites rank Martin Prado around the number 8 second baseman on average. Here’s what you get with him: A breakout year that included 100 R, 66 RBI, 15 HR, .307 average in 2010 and there’s no guarantee he’ll repeat especially since he’s being shuffled between the outfield and infield. Robinson Cano, Ranked number 1 on most sites, put up over 100 Rs and RBIs with 29 longballs and a .319 average. And that’s the difference in the number eight guy and the number one guy. After that you’re looking at a Gordan Beckham type ranked around 10 or 11 putting up 9 HR, 49 RBIs, and 58 Rs.

    Those numbers can be insurmountable in deeper leagues where even the basement teams can fill their outfield positions with quality hitters. That leaves you relying on pitching which is traditionally dangerous due to injury, resting, rough starts and the ability for anyone to pick up an unexpectedly hot pitcher to keep pace with your ace on the mound while his Dan Uggla pounds your Chone Figgin’s numbers week after week.

    On draft day I suggest if you start seeing a few second baseman going in the first round to not be afraid to jump down to the 48th-ish ranked Ian Kinsler who is projected to pop about 20 homers and a lot more runs in a tough Texas Rangers lineup. Maybe not right away in the first round but second round for sure. That’s not to say if second basemen are dropping quick you don’t dip deep for Rickie Weeks at about #65 in the first round if you’re the last pick and get to pick again right away in the second round. Weeks will probably snag a 100 R and send 75 or so runners across home plate. If he stays healthy, of course, but that applies to every player in the league. If you play to win you have to take an occasional risk and the risk to grab a second baseman is minimal considering you’d be stuck with a bad one anyway so snag that second baseman, cross your fingers, and start filing up your staff with the players you’re after in the first place.

    There are plenty of people who’ll argue that their superhuman ability to pick a flashy pitching staff will allow them to snub the second baseman conundrum. All I can say to them is more power to you, because you’re taking a risk that far outweighs the reward. Starters tire at the end of the year, closers change more than a manager changes his socks, and guys just fall apart. Then there goes the season as you hustle to replace closers and once-reliable pitchers who blew their form after the All-star break with a case of the rag-arm.

    With many drafts just around the corner you should start considering your plan for second base. It could be the crucial one that separates you from the rest of the pack. First base is deep this year and there’s no shortage of good starters following the most recently dubbed “year of the pitcher” in 2010. Obviously choose wisely in all the positions you fill on you fantasy squad, but don’t settle for a mediocre second baseman. They are feast or famine especially with the recent trend of looking to second basemen for power instead of speed and moving runners over like in the past. Try a mock draft if you want to see how your team turns out by rolling the dice on a decent second baseman in the first or second round, unless you get the top couple of picks. In which case, pick your Hanley Ramirez or Albert Pujols then immediately pick up a second baseman for your next pick.


  7. I would love to write for your website for the 2011-2012 fantasy baseball year, I have played fantasy baseball for eight years now and am constantly keeping up to date on all things baseball. I believe that through my immense knowledge of the game and players I would be a valuable asset to this site. Thank you for your consideration.

    Zach Glicksman


  8. Dear Mr. Michaels,

    Though the fantasy baseball season has already begun, I would still be quite interested in writing a column for your website. I am about to graduate high school with an Academic Honors Diploma and plan to attend the University of South Florida in the fall. I have a propensity for writing and feel I have the knowledge about baseball to write compelling and thought-provoking articles.

    Kevin R. Weiss


  9. I am interested in writing for your fantasy baseball site. I have a bachelor’s degree in history with a minor in English. As such, my writing/editing skills are very much above par. I am a full-time high school teacher and coach, so I have a lot of flexibility during baseball season (especially in the summer). I am an ardent fantasy baseball enthusiast and I sincerely look forward to hearing from you about this position.


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