Scouting Report: Jordan Schafer

Jordan Schafer - Atlanta Braves

With no major league experience entering the 2009 season, Atlanta Braves outfielder Jordan Schafer made the Braves opening day roster and is poised to help fantasy baseball teams in 2009. For a complete scouting report on Jordan Schafer and what to expect from him in the future, check out Schafer’s Fantasy Baseball Prospect Scouting Report.

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2 thoughts on “Scouting Report: Jordan Schafer

  1. my bottom two would be schafer and morgan (nyjer morgan right?) and while i think schafer has better long term value than morgan, morgan has more value right now and likely for the rest of this season. so yeah, if there is someone better on the waiver wire, dropping Schafer is probably a decent idea.


  2. yeah, what’s shaefer value right now ?

    he was having a great training camp + a great season start with 2 HR but right now he’s under the mendoza line … I’m about dropping him in a dynasty league where I already have Lind, McCutchen (who should be called up this summer) francoeur, dukes, rasmus and morgan

    is shaefer the one with the lowest value in this group ?


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