2013 Rookies – Top 20

Any fantasy baseball manager who wants to win their league, needs to be clued in to the rookies who are poised to make an impact in the MLB during the 2013 season. This rookies and prospect list is tailored to rank the rookies and prospects who could potentially provide the greatest impact in fantasy baseball leagues during the 2013 season. For example, while Dylan Bundy could be ranked as a top 5 overall minor league prospect, he is not ranked as a top 5 fantasy baseball rookie prospect in this list because the probability of him making the greatest fantasy baseball impact during the 2013 season is not as likely when compared to other rookies who have a greater possibility of receiving playing time in the majors during the 2013 season.

wil myers - tampa bayy

1. Wil Myers – of – tb

2. Adam Eaton – of – ari

3. Jedd Gyorko – 3b/2b – sd

4. Trevor Bauer – sp – cle

5. Shelby Miller – sp – stl

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