Waiver Wire Pickups

If you want to win a championship in your fantasy baseball league, then learning how to manage the waiver wire and make the appropriate player pickups at just the right time, needs to become a priority in your fantasy baseball management skills during the 2012 season.

Just ask any fantasy baseball manager who added Alex Gordon, Michael Morse, Lance Berkman, Jeff Francoeur, Mark Trumbo, Cameron Maybin, Alex Avila, JJ Hardy, Dee Gordon, Ryan Roberts, Melky Cabrera, Russell Martin, Matt Joyce, Brennan Boesch, or pitchers Ryan Vogelsong, Ivan Nova, Derek Holland, Brandon Beachy, Justin Masterson, Jordan Walden, Sergio Santos, Kyle Farnsworth, Javy Guerra or Mark Melancon, to their team last season. Heck when you think about it, you could have missed your leagues’ entire draft, then picked up these free agents to begin the season, and quite possibly have won your leagues’ championship last year.

So with this in mind, here are my top waiver wire player pickups to keep an eye on in your fantasy baseball league entering the 2012 season. The number after each players name is their current ownership % in 12 team mixed yahoo leagues. The date after each players name is the date the player was posted here in this article. Waiver wire player pickups will be updated and posted on a weekly basis throughout the 2012 season, so stick with us here throughout the year.

Lorenzo Cain – OF – Kansas City Royals — 37% —– 3/27/12

The new starting center fielder for the Royals entering the 2012 season, Cain has excelled as a hitter during spring training this year. Having posted an incredible .486 batting average, 4 home runs, 7 rbi, 7 doubles, and 1 stolen base over just 37 at bats this spring training, Cain is poised to become one of the best fantasy baseball sleepers and pickups in 2012. Possessing 20 stolen base and 10 home run potential, Cain is an outstanding high upside outfielder that nearly every fantasy baseball team should be willing to gamble on to begin the 2012 season.

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