2014 Fantasy Football – Week 4 Rankings

Quarterback QB

Running Back RB

Wide Receiver WR

Tight End TE

Defense D




  1. HAWKman…not the way I wanted to start my Week 1. Not only did I receive the big L, but I was the only one in my 10-team league under 100 points (88…ouch). What killed me was the D/ST. I had Buffalo and KC. Started Buffalo and Sanchez must have got word of what Defense I was starting… So now,

    I picked up Dallas and dropped Fluffalo. Here’s my question…

    Do I start Dallas vs. a Rookie QB and a Back Spasm Beast in Seattle or…
    Do I start KC with Brandon Flowers and Tamba Hali in the mix, plus a little revenge set in from last year?

    Let me know ASAP. Later HAWKman


  2. 2 leagues really struggling on who to start, like my teams, but can’t decide
    Big Ben/Schaub (struggling)
    Ray Rice
    Larry Fitz
    AJ Green
    Antonio Brown ( denver has a tough D, If big ben struggles so does Brown)
    Doug Martin WR RB TE flex ( don’t know much about him)
    Bench: Marshawn Lynch, Ingram, Leshoure, Blackmon, Hayward Bay, Randell Cobb
    Give me best line up

    Other league no PPR
    Darren Mcfadden
    Fred Jackson
    Calvin Johnson
    Dwayne Bowe
    Antonio Gates
    WR RB TE FLEX Malcom floyd
    Bench: Desean Jackson
    Micheal Bush
    Owen Daniels
    CJ Spiller
    Danny Amendola


  3. Hawk – Need some help. Slipped up in the opening game and need to make up ground. I had Cruz and Dez playing against Romo and Miles Austin. So should I make a crazy high risk/reward move and play Freeman over Rivers at QB? Or play Fred Jackson over Michael Turner at #2 RB?


    • hey Todd, i think you still gotta stick with Rivers at QB. he’s your best bet i think, especially with little to no running game for the Chargers with Mathews out. at RB i do think Turners has more upside than Jackson, as Turner could tally 2 goal line TDs with less yards than Jackson. But overall, I do like Jackson over Turner. but really a toss up between those two.


  4. What’s up HAWKman! Happy Fantasy Football to you! This is my starting lineup that I’m for sure with…

    QB: ?
    WR: Brandon Lloyd @ TEN
    WR: Jeremy Maclin @ CLE
    WR: Antonio Brown @ DEN
    RB: Arian Foster vs MIA
    RB: Jamaal Charles vs ATL
    TE: Jared Cook vs NE
    K: Alex Henery @ CLE
    DEF: Buffalo Bills @ NYJ
    IDP: James Laurinaitis
    FLEX: ?

    Matt Schaub vs MIA
    Ben Roethlisberger @ DEN
    Nate Washington vs NE
    Titus Young vs STL
    Owen Daniels vs MIA
    Rashad Jennings @ MIN
    Cedric Benson vs SF
    Kansas City Chiefs vs ATL

    Thinking Big Ben over Schaub because the Texans will run more and with the Steelers unsure run game, I think Ben will air it out. My only trouble is who to go with as a FLEX between Jennings and Young. Let me know what you think or anybody else with suggestions. Thanks and good luck to you.


    • sup Lonnie, great to have football back!!!!
      yeah i agree with your for sure starters. at qb i like big ben slightly more because i think the steelers will throw more than the texans this week, who could pound it out on the ground. then in the flex spot, im stuck between titus, rashad and actually benson in that mix as well. i think titus has the biggest upside and is worth the gamble, while jennings seems like the safest sure bet to get 5-10 points, but nothing huge like titus could put up. benson is tough to gauge yet, but could be something special with defenses focusing on the passing game and huge holes for benson to run through. but i would give him a pass this week against the 49ers. so i say big ben, then titus for upside…..or jennings for a safer sure bet 5-10 points


  5. This is my first year ever doing fantasy football. I have no idea who to start. Please help. My roster looks like this:

    QB – C. Newton (QB – Car)
    RB – R. Rice (RB – Bal)
    RB – M. Lynch (RB – Sea)
    WR – D. Thomas (WR – Den)
    WR – P. Harvin (WR – Min)
    TE – A. Gates (TE – S.D.)
    WR/TE – J. Blackmon (WR – Jac)
    WR/RB – S. Greene (RB – NYJ)

    M. Ryan (QB – Atl)
    T. Gerhart (RB – Min)
    L. Moore (WR – N.O.)
    D. Williams (RB – Car)
    B. Pettigrew (TE – Det)

    DEFENSE – Baltimore v. Cincinnati or
    N.Y. Jets v. Buffalo

    K – keep D.Bailey (Dal) or pick up G. Hartley (N.O) as a free agent?


    • hey Will,
      your starters all look great. i might be tempted to bench the rookie blackmon this week and go with the veteran lance moore in that wr/te spot. for your kicker, i would probably stick with bailey right now. but both of those 2 are easy top 10 guys, just depends on the week for who will do better.


  6. Hey Hawk, currently I have my WRs set at Victor Cruz, Laurent Robinson, and Brandon Marshall. Should I keep it this way or make way or DeSean Jackson or Jeremy Maclin? Thanks for the help.


  7. Hawk, I could use a little advice for week 3. * = My choices
    W/R (3) M. Wallace* @ Ind, Moss* @ Dal, Branch* @ Buf, M Thomas @ Jac, Collie @ Pit or Meachem @ Hou (PPR .25 + 5 @100 yds)
    R/B (2) Benson* @ SF, MJD* @ Car, A. Bradshaw @ Phi or Moreno @ Ten. (PPC .25 + 5 @ 100 yds) Did I remember anything you’ve taught me?


  8. hey Hawk need some help with my lineup for wk 3

    Freeman vs Atl
    Andre Johnson @NO
    VJax vs KC
    Mike Williams vs Atl (debating on benching him since he hasn’t done much)
    Peterson vs Det
    Mendenhall @Ind
    Graham vs Hou
    Olsen vs Jac

    Flex (Q/W/R/T)
    Wells @Sea
    Burleson @Min
    Grossman @Dal
    Bradford @Bal

    Bess @Cle
    Ford vs NYJ
    Mike Thomas @Car
    Dickson @Stl
    McCluster @SD
    Daniel Thomas @Cle
    Dalton vs SF

    it seems like my league is QB heavy since everyone in my 10 team league has 3 or more QBs. The person im playin next week has Brees, Ryan, Sanchez & Newton and should i drop Ford for Denarius Moore or should i hang onto him since hes the #1 in Oak?


  9. hey Hawk hopefully u’ll see this this time lol but yea i need some help particularly with my flex so heres my lineup

    Andre Johnson
    Mike Williams
    Adrian Peterson
    Rashard Mendenhall

    Flex (Q/W/R/T) we can play QBs in flex

    Mike Thomas
    Ed Dickson


    • hey Larry, glad i caught your message this time. by the looks of it, your starters look exactly like what i would do. the only iffy is bradford against the giants, especially if he is somewhat injured. if bradford is out, i would consider starting ryan grant in that spot. good matchup for him and a vulture TD could be in store.


  10. hey Hawk man this is Larry i used to see u in the Yahoo Message boards well its that time again i need some help with my new team this year so any changes for this week feel free to let me know

    Andre Johnson
    Mike Williams
    Jimmy Graham
    Olsen (dropped Gresham)

    Flex (Q/W/R/T)
    Mike Thomas



  11. HAWKman….. I’m baaaaaaaack! This is Lonnie and I’m ready for another successful Fantasy Football season. So this year I end picking 10th in our 10-player league (ouch!)…. so hear is my new lineup…

    QB – Sam “BIG BAD” Bradford vs. Eagles
    QB – Josh “BUY ONE GET ONE” Freeman vs. Lions

    WR – DeSean “ACTION” Jackson @ STL
    WR – “AIR” Jordy Nelson vs. NO (Thursday)
    WR – Mike Sims-“MOON”Walker vs. PHI
    WR – Julio “LOVE” Jones @ CHI
    WR – Jacoby “I DRIVE A” Ford @ DEN (Monday)

    RB – Peyton “KING OF THE” Hillis vs. CIN
    RB – Beanie “THE BIG MEANIE” Wells vs. CAR
    RB – Fred “MAXIN’ AND RELAXIN'” Jackson @ KC

    TE – “HOT ROD” Todd Heap vs. CAR
    TE – Brandon Petti”GRUESOME” @ TB

    K – Sebastian Jani”KA-POW”ski @ DEN (Monday)

    DEF – Green Bay vs. NO
    DEF – Kansas City vs. BUF

    My starting lineup is as follows…
    QB, WR, WR, WR, RB, RB, TE, K, DEF

    So who makes the cut for week 1?

    Lonnie out….


    • hey Lonnie, hope all is well! it sure is good to have football back that’s for sure. love some of your players right now, your QBs are easily 2 of my top breakout picks….as well as jordy nelson and brandon pettigrew. solid solid solid. tons of potential.


      • Hey HAWKman check this out…in our league Mark Sanchez is a free agent. Do you think he is worth a pick for one of my players? If so, which one?


          • I know I’m not Chris Berman and if you are going to smack talk someone, learn how to spell my name (you obviously looked at it). And if you wanted your Barbie dolls back all you had to do was ask Carl.


  12. Ideal line-up?

    PPR-Championship game 1-QB 3 WR 2 RB 1 TE 2 FLEX 1 DEF/ST 1 KICK

    P. Manning
    Holmes (chi)
    Wodhead (buff)
    St. Johnson (NE)
    Foster (Den)
    AP (Phi)
    M Lewis (Was)
    Blount (Sea)
    DMC (Hou)


    Boldin (Cle)
    B White (Oak)
    J Ford (Indy)
    T Gearheart (Phi)

    Thx for all the help this year!!

    Merry Xmas!


    • J,
      good luck today in the championship game, and i hope you had a good christmas yesterday as well

      your starting lineup looks very good. the only ify play is AP with his injury. but since you have Gerhart to stick in there if you need to, then you should be good. otherwise i do think that Jacoby Ford offers huge upside over AP and Gerhart this week…but he is also a risk as well.


  13. Hawk Man,
    Playing for Championship and need a pro like you to take look;

    *means who I think I should start

    QB: MVick*, BigBen
    WR: HNicks*, Mike Wallace*, DBranch
    RB: Mendenhall*, Blount*, Tashard Choice*, BenJarvusGE,
    TE: Kevin Boss*: I could pick up – CCooley, BWatson, HMiller, THeap
    K: Akers*
    D: Eagles*, Chargers, Jets



    • Todd,
      congrats on making the championship game today!

      my thinking is i hope you went with green-ellis over choice. great matchup for green-ellis to have a huge game today.

      at TE i do like chris cooley over boss, more upside for him
      then at D i do like the Chargers over the Eagles, but its really a close call either way

      the rest of your lineup looks good


  14. HAWKman!

    I see what you said about my QB options….well now there are 4 that I like that are available..

    Kitna @ ARI – Dallas is a throwing team but they are in Arizona. I fear a spoiler alert, but again Dallas is a throwing team

    Freeman vs SEA – looks more like a ground game (that’s why I’m starting Blount). However when Williams is defended, Benn could be a beast.

    Flacco @ CLE – Flacco was actually my first round pick. He gave me 20pts the last time they met. This time its in Cleveland and the Browns have been entertaining toward the end (at least their offense is)

    Tebow vs HOU – this will probably have a score of a typical college football game. He looks good on paper, but its only one sheet of paper (1 career start and 0-1)

    HAWKman let me know!


    • Lonnie,

      well those are definitely some very good options. i personally like Josh Freeman as the top choice, but like you said Blount could steal the TDs. however i do think Freeman also has the potential to run for a TD which gives him a slight advantage over say Kitna and Flacco.

      as for Flacco, i do like him and his consistency….i just think that the likelyhood of Ray Rice tallying a lot of yards is great. so that means less passing for Flacco in my mind.

      then the real wildcard this week….Tim Tebow. i think the potential is huge this week for him, but as you know….its hard to know what you will get for sure with him.

      overall it depends what you feel you need to risk with your team this week….
      1. if you need a huge boom potential and can afford to risk it, then go Tebow here
      2. if you want the safest play of them all for your sure bet points go with Flacco
      3. if you want semi safe (safer than Tebow) and solid boom potential then go with Freeman


  15. Hawk,

    I love the website! I’m in the championship round and could use some help. I’m torn over who to start in my second rb position and third wr position. here are my options:

    for rb: Tolbert vs Cin or Choice vs Arz

    for WR: Boldin vs Cle or Webb vs Phi

    The Rb choices are a little tougher because both backs have been productive. I’m kind of low on Boldin right now because he’s slumping and intrigued with Webb getting some garbage TDs. Please help!


    • Hawk,

      I forgot to tell you that my other WR choices are Amendola and Colston. Obviously, I’m starting Colston but I’m also on the fence with Amendola. He gives me a guaranteed 5 points every week via returns but rarely gives me the knockout scoring of TDs. Should I bench him and start Webb?


      • G-Man,

        interesting situation. i personally don’t like Webb this much based on the tough matchup for him at Philly. so in my mind, i would take the guaranteed points of Amendola and you never know he always offers the potential for more as well.


    • G-Man,
      thanks! glad to hear you’re in the championship round!
      my thinking for your lineup is….

      RB – tolbert, because i feel that he is the safer play. however if felix jones is out for this game on saturday….then start choice here

      WR – tough call on this spot, because i agree with what you said….boldin jus does not offer much upside right now. and based on the matchup, the ravens might run the ball all game as well. so i say if you want the high end potential go with Webb. however like you posted below, if you have Amendola to use here…then i do think he is the better bet to get you the sure bet points….assuming you get return yard points


  16. Hi Hawk,
    This is my first time on your site and so far from your replies i can tell that you are the man! I am in the championship final of my league and since this is a family affair and I’m an inlaw (could be outlaw) I could use all the help I can get. I have a head scratcher for RB and WR’s and a few interesting flex options.
    So in my line-up I have at WR
    Andre Johnson at DEN
    Brandon Marshall vs DET
    Donald Driver v NYG
    Mario Manningham at GB
    My RB Options are;
    Rashard Mendenhall v Carolina
    Knowshon Moreno v Houston
    Tashard Choice at Arizona
    Fred Jackson v NE
    My Flex options are;
    Danny Woodhead @ Buffalo
    Joe Webb @ Phi
    So any thoughts on who I should start for Week 16. This is a must win for me!
    Thanks so much!


    • hey Alex, glad you were able to find the site here. hopefully i can keep you from being an outlaw.

      this is my thinking for your lineup this week…

      WR –
      andre johnson, a must start
      mario manningham, your next safest and most reliable WR option he should do well this week with Nicks getting Charles Woodson on him
      then if you need a third starting WR, between Marshall and Driver….my pick is Marshall based on the better matchup

      RB –
      mendenhall, must start
      moreno, start if he is healthy and active for this game….if he is not playing…then its a pretty close call between choice and fred jackson…but my pick is fred jackson

      FLEX –
      definitely a tough call here….but its between tashard choice, woodhead and webb…..and my top pick is Tashard Choice. Webb is tempting, but its hard to rely on him and his matchup this week is tough on the road agaisnt the Eagles.

      hope this helps! have a great holiday!


  17. HAWKman!!!!

    Before I begin, let me say its truly an honor when a fantasy expert says they look forward to my messages…if I can only get my baby-mama to feel the same way lol

    I am in the WEEK 16 CHAMPIONSHIP!! Couldn’t have done it without ya!

    By the way I never told you my team name… First, my logo is a picture of Dave Chappelle as Prince, so I went with PURPLE RAINMAKERS. My slogan “Serving pancakes 24/7”

    Ok let’s get down to business…

    It’s #1 (PURPLE RAINMAKERS) vs #2

    My definite starter…. QB Kitna @ ARIZONA. I’m stumped everywhere else lol and I will tell you why in two words….

    Michael Vick vs MIN (My opponent’s QB)

    OK that was more than two words, but since it’s the Championship, should I hit him with my Triple Threat (Jackson, Maclin and Akers)?

    My other WRs are Bowe vs TEN and Manningham @ GB. So which 3 WRs?

    My other kicker is that linebacker-sized Janikowski vs IND

    This week I finally have a real RB issue. I have 4 RBs. Which 2 makes the cut…

    Hillis vs BAL
    Jones vs TEN
    Blount vs SEA
    Torain @ JAC (just picked him up last week but didnt start him)

    TEs….ho-hum. Which one…

    Gronkowski @ BUF
    Boss @ GB

    Last but not least…Defense
    I started Dallas or NYG and made the right choice. Will this week be different?

    Dallas @ ARI
    NYG @ GB

    or…. the sleeper (in my opinion)
    Kansas City vs TEN (It’s been tough at Arrowhead lately)

    HAWKman I hope you get this before Saturday Night’s game. Again thanks for an incredible first year of Fantasy Football!


    • Sup Lonnie,
      Great to hear you made the Championship game!!!
      My thinking for your lineup this week is….

      at WR the DeSean and Maclin play is awfully tempting with Vick as your opponent. in fact going with DeSean and Maclin could almost wipe out any points that Vick would tally against you….aside from his running. and since receiving touchdowns and yards or more valuable than passing touchdown and passing yards….then your WRs actually have the advantage over Vick. however with that said, i still like Bowe’s potential over maclin. but if you want to go for the block….then the eagles duo is the right call.

      at kicker i agree with Akers

      at RB you are right, tough calls to make. i think Blount is a must start. then i do like going with Thomas Jones slightly over Torain. Hillis has too tough of a matchup to rely on him this week in my mind.

      at TE im going with Boss…..because the Packers are terrible at covering TEs

      for the Defense, i think Giants if Rodgers is out. but if Rodgers is playing…then Dallas is worth the gamble

      as for your QB. anyone else available? maybe take the boom potential of someone like Tim Tebow this week over Kitna. that could easily make up points for whatever Vick might get. or Josh Freeman would be a good play as well over Kitna. just throwin it out there. let’s serve some real pancakes this week! hope you have a great holiday!


  18. Hey Hawk,

    Hopefully you get this in time to make a suggestion. I have a bit of a decision to make for my RB 2 and flex spot. (.5 ppr)

    Benjarvus vs Bears
    Blount vs Redskins
    Steve Johnson vs Browns
    Sidney Rice vs Giants

    Just trying to get some other opinions…i’ve gotten mixed thoughts from everyone all week. Thanks in advanced.


    • Hey Vishal,

      Hopefully you see this post in time today. My picks for your lineup are
      LaGarrett Blount for sure at RB, then its between Steve Johnson and Green-Ellis in the flex. I think Johnson is the better PPR guy, but with the weather in Chicago being windy and snowy….the Patriots may run the ball a ton in this game, which means Green-Ellis could see a lot of work. So it’s really a toss up between those two, with my pick being SJohnson for the higher upside, and Green-Ellis being the safer sure bet guy to get some yards. Depends what you can afford to risk for your team today.


  19. HAWKman! Well I’m 9-3…the only one to clinch the playoffs in my league right now, but I still need your help.

    Week 13….here we go

    Flacco vs PIT or Freeman vs ATL (Ouch)

    I’m starting Bowe vs DEN and Jackson vs HOU but should my WR3 be Maclin vs HOU, Manningham vs WAS or McCluster vs DEN (should be playing)?

    Winslow vs ATL, Heap vs PIT or Moeaki vs DEN?

    Last but not least Chiefs D vs DEN or Giants D vs WAS (seems like an easy pick, but Chiefs are great at home and opponents are averaging 13.4 pts at Arrowhead)

    Thanks HAWKman (I need to know if Maclin is a go before Thursday)


  20. HAWKman what is up?! Unlike Garfield, I love Mondays! Being down 25pts and getting 28pts off of last Monday Night’s game…frickin awesome

    Now week 11…
    HAWKman check my lineup and give my your opinions dude.

    Wish I could start them all..
    QB – “G.I.” Joe Flacco @ CAR or Josh “BUY ONE GET ONE” Freeman @ SF?

    WRs (pick 3) – Dwayne “RAIN” Bowe vs ARI, Mario “GREEN EGGS AND” Manningham @ PHI, DeSean “ACTION” Jackson vs NYG, Jeremy “BIG” Maclin vs NYG or Dexter “DID SOMEBODY SAY” McCluster vs ARI

    RBs (pick 2) – Thomas “THE TANK ENGINE” Jones vs ARI, Peyton “OVER THE” Hillis @ JAC, LaGarrette “PASS DA” Blount @ SF

    TEs – Tony “GIMMIE SOME” Moeaki (injured?) vs ARI, Todd “WHOLE” Heap “OF TROUBLE” @ CAR or “$100” Grankowski vs IND

    Ks – JANITORkowski @ PIT or David “L.A.” Akers vs NYG

    Thanks HAWKman


  21. This is why we play, eat, sleep, and drink Fantasy Football… because on any given Sunday, Monday or Thursday… anything is possible (raise your glasses)

    Well week 10 you done me so wrong… who knew that I would bench 45 pts?

    HAWKman… I promise myself to never bench Bowe for the rest of the season. (possible 30 pts)

    Jones did nothing, but Blount (who sat next to Bowe) gets 15pts

    My opponent is up by 25pts…. but wait a minute…today is Monday.

    I have Jackson and Akers (Dynamic Duo?) tonight. This may be the biggest comeback since the Vanilla Ice/Marky Mark and the Funky Bunch World Tour (sorry HAWKman, I already sold my tickets)

    Now week 11 is slowly approaching. Tell me what you think of my lineup…

    QB Flacco @ CAR
    WR Bowe vs ARI
    WR Jackson vs NYG
    WR McCluster vs ARI
    RB Hillis @ JAX
    RB Jones vs ARI
    TE ???
    K Janikowski @ PIT
    DEF Kansas City vs ARI

    QB Freeman @ SF
    RB Blount @ SF
    WR Maclin vs NYG Manningham @ PHI Sims-Walker vs CLE
    TE ???
    K Akers vs NYG

    Moeaki vs ARI or Hernandez vs IND (those TEs I tell ya)

    HAWKman thanks


  22. HAWKman…. I have a confession to make.

    I lied to you. 9 times out of 10, I listen to my gut when I’m hungry but yesterday my gut said “Feed me a huge bowl of of Flacc-O’s” and I’m glad I did.

    Now hear this…
    I got Blount off waivers releasing Bradford, so I’m really in a pickle sitting SUGAR HILLis GANG vs NYJ over Blount vs CAR. Hillis has been dominant against the Saints and Patriots back to back, but all things come to an end right?

    I just heard that Steve Smith of NYG may not play vs. DAL and saying that SUPER Mario Manningham may get more tosses his way…

    Please take a look at my WRs again and tell me now who will complete my WR Love Triangle…

    Bowe @ DEN (vs an older but wiser Bailey)
    Sims-Walker vs HOU (this game will be an air show)
    Jackson @ WAS (maybe the hit in the head was a good thing)
    Maclin @ WAS (he is like the guy that gets to date the less attractive twin sister when his brother Jackson is around, but Maclin still gets his)
    Manningham vs DAL (yea, um how ’bout dem Cowboys?)
    McCluster @ DEN (rumor that he may play)

    Thanks HAWKman


    • lol well im hoping that means you started Flacco on thursday….
      as for blount….i do like him over hillis this week
      as for steve smith…..last i heard he was basically ruled out for the game this week….so yes manningham is the guy who should benefit the most
      so for your 3 WR starters, my picks would be
      desean jackson – must start
      sims-walker – too much potential for a huge game to have him on your bench
      then its a toss up between bowe, maclin, and manningham. i think going with maclin is tough because you already have jackson starting….and vick is not exactly the passing type of qb for maclin to benefit much. so then its up to bowe and manningham, and bowe has the tough matchup against champ bailey which doesnt look good…. and manningham..well he goes up against an awful cowboys secondary. so i think you gotta love the potential for a huge game from manningham this week….assuming hakeem nicks doesnt take all the yards away lol


  23. HAWKman! Wow I’m on here too much already. I’m like an ex-girlfriend that doesn’t understand that no means no. Check it dude….

    So I got Mario “Green Eggs and” Manningham for Davone “What A” Bess, but still not sure of starting him over Bowe or Maclin this week. I actually went with Bowe only because despite Champ being there, Bowe will have more throwing attempts than Manningham or Maclin (I think).

    Another free agency update….
    LaGarette “Smoke A” Blount is available. I was thinking of releasing Sam ” I Am” Bradford for him only because I have Flacco and Freeman. Because you know what they say, Flacco-Free is the way to be (ok maybe they don’t say that).

    So if i do get Blount that gives me 3 RBs. Thomas “The Tank Engine” Jones and Peyton “King of the” Hillis are my others. Should I start Blount at home against a “sorry like Atari” Panthers or Hillis at home against a solid Jets D?

    And before I go, I decided to NOT start Flacco and start Freeman at home against the Panthers. If I’m wrong, I give you permission to be the first to tell me “I told you so”

    Here is my lineup for week 10

    QB Freeman vs CAR
    WR Jackson @ WAS
    WR Sims-Walker vs HOU
    WR Bowe @ DEN
    RB Jones @ DEN
    RB Hillis vs NYJ
    TE Moeaki @ DEN
    K Akers @ WAS
    DEF Kansas City

    *starting “Gimme Some” Moeaki over Hernandez because Denver may leave Moeaki wide open more than Pittsburgh against Hernandez.


    • lol sup Lonnie,

      yeah i agree on sticking with both Bowe and Maclin over Manningham.
      i also concur on picking up Blount, better to have a backup RB than 2 backup QBs. then i do like starting him over Hillis this week…based on matchups….but im not a fan of betting against Hillis either.

      lol and at QB, i do like Flacco over Freeman….but im up for seeing what actually happens. and if you do start Blount, then Freeman at QB makes more sense too which would be in your favor…..since its likely that at least 1 of those two guys will net you a TD.

      at TE i do like hernandez to continue to grow as the patriots best receiving option this week, but if you go with moeaki i couldn’t complain cause he’s a solid option too.


  24. Uh-oh HAWKman…free agency update

    I noticed that Manningham vs DAL is available and if. have the opportunity to grab him, should I drop Bess for him? If yes should I then make him my WR3 along with DJax and Sims-Walker or does the WR3 position still sit in the air with Bowe and Maclin?


  25. HAWKman,
    Not sure if you got my first message for WEEK 10 so I am sending it again…

    Riddle me this…

    QBs – Flacco @ ATL, Bradford @ SF or Freeman vs CAR (will Flacco be well rested and ready for Thursday Night)

    WRs – Bowe @ DEN, Maclin/Jackson vs WAS, Bess vs TEN, Sims-Walker vs HOU, McCluster @ DEN (if healthy). Which 3 will create a better WR Love Triangle?

    TEs – Hernandez @ PIT or Moeaki @ DEN

    Need a kicker since mine is on a BYE…Should I pick up Akers vs WAS, Tynes vs DAL or Scobee vs HOU from free agency?


    • sup Lonnie,

      QB – im sticking with Flacco

      WR – DeSean for sure, then i think Sims-Walker is a near sure bet, and then its a toss up between Bowe and Maclin. if Champ Bailey is healthy this week, then its tough to trust Bowe against him.

      RB – i agree on Jones this week, Hillis is tough against the Jets but its hard to bet against the guy

      TE – im sticking with A Hernandez

      K – all 3 of your pickup options are good plays this week. i would say Akers first, then probably Tynes, then Scobee


  26. Lonnie here aka Lonnie B Good!

    HAWKman, HAWKman, HAWKman…
    Looks like I started the wrong kicker. Not only was Gostkowski the wrong choice, but he gets injured! Now Janikowski is on a BYE and there are 3 kickers available. Should I get Akers vs WAS, Tynes vs DAL or Scobee vs HOU? (ALL ARE AT HOME)

    Next is QBs…
    Flacco did it for me once again, but will he have the stamina for the Thursday game @ ATL? My other available QBs are Bradford @ SF or Freeman vs CAR?

    Next is WRs…
    DJax is back baby! Maclin did so-so and Bowe…was Bowe. So…whole will be in my WR Love Triangle for week 10?
    Bowe @ DEN
    Maclin/Jackson vs WAS
    Bess vs TEN
    Sims-Walker vs HOU
    McCluster @ DEN (if healthy)

    Hernandez did it for me despite losing to CLE (say what?) So will he do it again @ PIT or go with Moeaki @ DEN?

    I got 118 pts for week 9 (thank you Hillis) so I have a 40pt lead. as of now (my opponent has Hines Ward and Heath Miller Monday Night @ CIN….Yikes)

    THANKS HAWKman. Lonnie B Good out


  27. HAWKman you guys pull through big time on yahoo. Right now I’m in 3rd place. Started 0-2, had a 5 week win streak (Gracias HAWK) and now 5-3.

    WEEK 9 gives me such a headache…
    I’m starting Flacco vs MIA but having Freeman @ ATL on the bench puts me in a state of “you never know” mode.

    Starting Bowe @ OAK, Maclin and Jackson vs IND… but will Bess @ BAL have a better performance than one of the 3?

    My RBs are solid. T.Jones @ OAK and Hillis vs NE. My opponent this week has Charles and Tomlinson. What is your opinion on the better RBs this week?

    TEs (sigh) need I say more? I have Moeaki and Hernandez. I know getting a TD from them is like ACTUALLY winning the Monopoly game from McDonald’s. But who has the better game?

    I rarely have an issue with kickers but then again…it’s the NFL. I have been on fire with Janikowski. Last week he gave me more points than my 3 starting WRs…combined! (Proud but not really). This week it’s against KC. I am also starting the KC DEF too. I picked up Gostkowski because of having th KC DEF. This is tough because I feel the KC-OAK game will be a low score, Whereas NE might whomp CLE wit several TDs. Which one will put the points on the board?

    Thanks Team HAWK. Lonnie out.


    • hey Lonnie, awesome to hear about the turnaround!

      QB – i do agree with sticking with Joe Flacco. Freeman does have that could be good factor, but Flacco just seems like the safer sure bet thing

      RB – your T Jones and Hillis calls are right in my book. and i do think you will win the RB battle over your opponent this week….although it wont be by much probably

      WR – i think Bowe and Maclin are must starts, but then its a toss up between DeSean and Bess. the Baltimore secondary has been bad recently which is the main reason why i would consider Bess this week. but benching DeSean could be tragic. i guess as long as you have Bowe and Maclin in then you can afford to risk the other spot with either DeSean or Bess

      TE – haha yeah neither has been great, but neither is terrible. my take is that Hernandez has a huge game this week. 80 yards and a touchdown….now lets hope for it lol

      K – i do agree with the likelyhood that the Patriots score all or mostly TDs rather than field goals…so while Gostkowski seems like a safe bet to for sure get you at least some points, Janikowski seems to offer the boom/bust potential of either getting a lot of field goal opportunities, or if the offense struggles moving the ball then maybe no opportunities. i guess it depends what you need more. a couple safe points with Gost, or a boom/bust game from Janikowski

      Best of Luck to you this week Lonnie!


  28. Thanks a lot for this website… very helpful!

    I’m struggling to finialise my lineup this week. I’ve got a must-win. I’m 4-3 middle of the table, while the guy I’m playing is 5-2 and sitting second. I wouldn’t mind swapping our positions!

    I’ve got:
    QB: Kitna – there is no one else half decent available.
    WR: Calvin Johnson
    WR: Mike Williams Sea / Blair White
    RB: Mendenhall
    RB: L Blount
    TE: Gates
    W/T: Vernon Davis (White if Davis doesn’t play)

    White (obviously)
    Donald Brown
    and a few other guys on bye……
    Derrick Mason (disapointing so far)

    Essentially I’m trying to decide whether to squeeze Blair in somewhere. It seems like a risk! Mike Hart and Temme are also available for pick up.


    • Hey Joes,

      interesting…i think i would gamble on starting blair white, and i would probably bench mike williams. then in the W/T spot its hard to trust vernon davis since he doesnt have much for a QB this week, however it seems like if anyone will get balls thrown to him it would be vernon davis. so i guess i would say start blair white for sure at WR. then its a toss up between mike williams and vernon davis in the W/T flex spot.


  29. Hawk: you’ve helped me out in the yahoo message boards before and its been huge so THANK YOU!

    I have ap/foster/torain/woodhead/boldin/st johnson/r williams/h miller/b celek/m lewis/collie/a gonzales/b white/big ben/p manning

    12 team ppr-1 qb/3wr/2rb/1te/2flex

    my team is stacked..i just dont know who to start. Thanks for taking the time to read this!


    • hey J, no problem thanks for reading!

      my picks to start on your team are:
      Peyton Manning
      Blair White, Steve Johnson, Anthony Gonzalez (of Woodhead would be the safer play if Gonzalez is still hurt and not practicing)
      Adrian Peterson, Arian Foster
      Brent Celek
      Ryan Torain & Danny Woodhead in the flex spot


      • Thanks for that lineup help! ok 1 more question I promise then im done!

        In that same league(12 team ppr) I got offered :

        I give foster/big ben

        I get Cj/Floyd/Fitzpatrick


        pull the trigger or counter?

        hes got s holmes/d alexander/dmc and thats about it


        • haha, no problem on the amount of questions. the more the merry!

          very interesting trade. i think big ben is definitely tradable since Peyton will be your every week starter no matter the matchup. so then its depends if you think Arian Foster is better or worse than Chris Johnson. I would say get Chris Johnson, but then instead of getting Malcom Floyd and Fitzpatrick back in return, try to get a single player in return like a good WR or top TE…depending what the other team has to offer. DMC would be great, but I’m not sure he would be willing to trade him. although if the other team really wants a QB which is why they are trading for your Big Ben, then maybe you can get DMC from him also.


  30. Please help me I need 3 Wr and 2 RB this is a PPR league

    WR Miles Austin, Steve Smith (NYG), Brandon Lloyd, Jabbar Gaffney, Danny Woodhead, Danny Amendola

    RB, Michael Turner, Michael Bush, Darren Mcfadden, Knowshon Moreno, Danny Woodhead


  31. ey, i followed you last year and i got 2nd place. would like to take ur opinions again this year!
    do you mind looking over my team and telling me what are my best matchups?

    QB- Matt Schaub @ Was, Derek Anderson @ ATL
    WRs- Anquan Boldin @ Cin, Mike Thomas @ SD, TJ Housmandzadeh @ Cin, Percy Harvin vs Mia, Mike Williams @ Den
    RBs-Steven Jackson @ Oak, Ahmad BRadshaw @ Ind, Peyton Hillis vs KC, Thomas Jones @ Cle, Darren Sproles vs Jac
    TEs- Jermain Gresham vs Bal, Greg Olsen @ Dal
    K- Neil Rackers
    DEF- Titans

    my team isn;’t all too great. 2nd year doing fantasy. let me know! thanks in advance!!


  32. Im kinda slim on WR’s. Was going to start D. McCluster, but now they are saying doubtful for Monday. Trying to decide between
    T. Houshmandzadeh
    N. Burleson

    Leaning towards Nelson, but any input would be appreciated. Im already starting D Amendola and P Garcon. Also, return yards count.


  33. hey hawk
    i am in a ppr league and my ? we start 1Qb 2rb 3wr . i have Colston Mike Sims Walker and T.O. as my starters . My bench is Jacoby Jones ,Devon Bess , Cotchery , and D. Henderson . Should i sit Sims Walker and start J.Jones or what do you think ? !2 man ppr league


    • hey Lance,
      yeah it has been tough finding enough time to update the site lately, but now that the season is here….. i will once again be posting my weekly position rankings for starting and benching players. i just posted them last night for week 1, so have fun reading lol. looking forward to a great season!


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